I've never taken my dog for a run. Will this be a safe exercise for him?

Before your dog's first run, take him to the vet for a check-up. The minimum recommended age for dog running is approximately eight months to one year.  Seek the advice of your vet, as this varies from breed to breed.  We want to make sure your dog will be happy and safe as we embark on a new exercise routine!

My dog suffers from dysplasia.  Can he run or will this cause him even more pain?

Dogs with dysplasia can benefit from light jogging to strengthen the muscles that surround the hip joint.  We will alternate from jog/walk and monitor for signs of distress.

What makes your company unique?

One-on-one attention makes for a more beneficial workout for your dog because we will individualize the running plan. Not all dogs are capable of keeping up the pace of each other and we want your dog to get the maximum benefit, regardless of speed.  We do not offer pack runs and want to establish a trust and bond between dog and human. However, if you are a two dog household, we will welcome their brother or sister as well!  We will bring water on every run and make sure his water bowl is filled when we return.

Where will you run with my dog?

We will run in your neighborhood, and if you live running distance to a park (or beach) which you prefer us to run, just let us know and we will accommodate.

Can I use you as a dog walker instead?

We are dog runners and don't currently offer walking services. However, if your dog is a new runner, we will start our exercise plan slowly with walk/jog outings. We want your four-legged family member to enjoy running as much as we do.  If taking it slow is necessary, we will absolutely do so.  Remember, this is fun!

Are you insured and trained in animal CPR?

We are fully insured and happy to provide a certificate for your viewing.  We have also received our animal CPR through Pet Health Academy.
We want to be prepared for any emergency at all times. This is also your peace of mind knowing your dog is in safe and competent hands.
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